• Keith Walsh

Walsh's Winners Week 7

Man this NFL season is just flying by, we are already in week 7! Only ten more weeks until its playoff time! Week 6 was another exciting week in the NFL, we had upsets, trades, horrible officiating, and the toilet bowl between the Redskins and Dolphins. The Eagles lost to the Vikings, the Chiefs have lost two straight and the 49ers are still undefeated. If you would've told me that the 49ers would be the best team in the NFC at this point I would've called you crazy. But, I must say they have been pretty impressive and look like they could be the real deal. Week 7 is set up to be another great week of action Jalen Ramsey has a new home and no longer has to fake injuries, the Eagles and Cowboys play on Sunday night and we get to see and exciting matchup between the Seahawks and Ravens.

*Sigh* I just don't know anymore fam, like I really thought last week was going to be a good week and once again I was wrong. I've been letting you guys down or maybe I've been winning you money because you've been betting against everyone I pick. If that's the case well then good for you but those days are over. This is the week we get back on track I can feel it. It's time that we get back to being Walsh's Winner's and stop losing so damn much. So lets go out and have ourselves a week here ladies and gents!! Week 7 of Walsh's Winners and were getting back into a winning groove. Let's start it off with our Pick em'

Pick Em'

Kansas City Chiefs@Denver Broncos-Chiefs

Los Angeles Rams@Atlanta Falcons-Rams

Miami Dolphins@Buffalo Bills-Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars@Cincinnati Bengals-Bengals

Minnesota Vikings@Detroit Lions-Lions

Oakland Raiders@Green Bay Packers-Packers

Houston Texans@Indianapolis Colts-Texans

Arizona Cardinals@New York Giants-Giants

San Fransisco 49ers@Washington Redskins-49ers

Los Angeles Chargers@Tennessee Titans-Chargers

New Orleans Saints@Chicago Bears-Bears

Baltimore Ravens@Seattle Seahwaks-Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles@Dallas Cowboys-Eagles

New England Patriots@New York Jets-Patriots

Walsh’s Winners:

Chiefs -3

Texans/Colts Under 47

49ers -9

Chargers +2

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