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Walsh's Winners Week 9

We are back, we are back and we are back to picking some losers...Thats right folks after missing last week due to having some internet problems all throughout the week/weekend Walsh's Winner's(Loser's) is back in action. I'm not going to lie I have almost given up on this because my picks have been so bad recently but were going to push through because it eventually has to turn around right? Probably not but whatever shooters shoot so we're going to keep on firing until we end up getting more of these right than wrong. Soooooooo, lets take a look at my picks for week 9 of the NFL season...

Pick em'

San Fransisco 49ers(7-0)@Arizona Cardinals(3-4-1)-49ers

Houston Texans(5-3)@ Jacksonville Jaguars(4-4)-Texans

Washington Redskins(1-7)@Buffalo Bills(5-2)-Bills

Minnesota Vikings(6-2)@Kansas City Chiefs(5-3)-Chiefs

New York Jets(1-6)@Miami Dolphins(0-7)-Jets

Chicago Bears(3-4)@Philadelphia Eagles(4-4)-Eagles

Indianapolis Colts(5-2)@Pittsburgh Steelers(3-4)-Colts

Tennessee Titans(4-4)@Carolina Panthers(4-3)-Panthers

Detroit Lions(3-3-1)@Oakland Raiders(3-4)-Lions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-5)@Seattle Seahawks(6-2)-Seahawks

Cleveland Browns(2-5)@Denver Broncos(2-6)-Browns

Green Bay Packers(7-1)@Los Angeles Chargers(3-5)-Packers

New England Patriots(8-0)@Baltimore Ravens(5-2)-Ravens

Dallas Cowboys(4-3)@New York Giants(2-6)-Giants

Walsh's Winner's

49ers/Cardinals Under 43

Colts -1

Jets -3

Browns -3.5

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