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Warriors Survive Force Game 6:

The Warriors were looking to extend their season to at least one more game, and the Toronto Raptors were looking to win their first NBA title. Something had give in game 5 and with a returning Kevin Durant for the Warriors it was set up to be a great game.

Photo Credit:(Bleacher Report)

You could tell Kevin Durant had missed playing the game he loves so much. He was hot to start the first quarter, he went 3 of 3 from three point range and finished with 11 points. Steph Curry also had a great start to the game for the Warriors as these two were trying to will the Warriors to the win. The Raptors wouldn't back down though, as Marc Gasol and Kawhi Leonard made sure the game stayed close. The Warriors would take a 34-28 lead into the second quarter.

With 9:46 left in the second quarter Kevin Durant would tweak his calf and go down. He was going up against Serge Ibaka and as he crossed over and planted his foot he lost the ball and fell to the ground. It was his right calf, the same calf that kept him out of the previous series and the previous 4 games. It was a tough break for KD as he was the Warriors best player to that point. The game would go on though, as the Raptors looked to take advantage of the Warriors top player going down. They pushed back but the Warriors held their own as will 7:26 left they had a 9 point lead. The lead would shrink to 6 with under three minutes to play in the half as the Raptors weren't going away. Toronto would keep coming getting the lead down to 1 under a minute left before the Warriors hit a 3 and a lay up to get the lead back to 6 at the end of half. We would go to the 3rd with the Warriors up 62-56.

Photo Credit:(Bleacher Report)

The Third quarter started much like the second ended with the Warriors extending their lead up to 10 as the three pointers continued to fall for Golden State. With 7:00 left the Warriors would get their lead up to 12 before Nick Nurse decided it was time for the Raptors to take a timeout and talk things over. Out of the timeout the Raptors struggles continued as they started getting into foul trouble with Lowry picking up his 4th foul, which is not what the Raptors needed. Every time Toronto seemed like they were back in the game Golden State would be an end to it. Klay Thompson and Steph Curry were doing everything they could to get the series back to Oakland. DeMarcus Cousins also played a big role coming off the bench for Golden State as he caused a lot of matchup problems for the Raptors. A low scoring third quarter came to an end with the Raptors still down 84-78

It was win or go home for Golden State in the fourth quarter...well either way they were going home due to the potential game 6 being in Oakland. Anyway...It was more of the same in the 4th as every time it seemed like the Raptors were getting on a run Golden State would stop it in its tracks. With Kevin Durant out for the remainder of the game the Warriors relied heavily on Steph Curry once again. It would be Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka leading the way for Toronto as with 8 minutes left the lead was cut down to 3 points. It would remain close the rest of the way as with 5:34 left the lead would be down to 2 for the Warriors and Steve Kerr had seen enough to take a timeout. However, out of the timeout it would be Kawhi Leonard who would knock down a three and then hit a layup to give Toronto a 3 point lead. Kawhi would take over to extend the Raptors lead to 5 with just over three minutes to play in the 4th. With under two minutes left we were set for an exciting finish. Toronto's lead would disappear as Steph Curry would hit a three to tie the game with 1:22 remaining. A few short seconds later Klay Thompson would hit a clutch three to put the Warriors up 106-103 with 56 seconds remaining. Cousins would get called for goaltending and it would be a one point game with 30 seconds left. On the next offensive possession Cousins would get called for an illegal screen with just 15 seconds left. The Raptors would have a chance to win the game where Kyle Lowry would have a corner three as time expired but he was unable to hit it and the Warriors would win the game 106-105.

Photo Credit:(Sports Illustrated)

This was a great game from start to finish and might have been the best game of the series. Game 6 will be on Thursday night back in Oakland as the series is now 3-2 Toronto.


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