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Wednesday Night Wars!

Tonight we ushered in a new era of pro wrestling. The Wednesday night wars have officially begun!! All Elite Wrestling vs NXT, each week these two shows will go head to head in the ratings. So each week we’re going to do our own review of both shows and see which show was better. Let’s get right into it and see how each show played out this week...

AEW Dynamite:

The time for talk was over for AEW as they got right into the action with the first match of the night, Cody Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara. This match had a slower pace to it as it took a little bit for each guy to get going, but once they did what a show they put on. Sammy Guevara showed that he is going to be a future star for AEW. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to pick up the win as Cody scored the roll up victory.

After the match AEW Champion Chris Jericho came out and attacked the number one contender for his title Cody Rhodes. He laid a beating on him attacking him with steel chairs and even powerbombing him onto two of them. This was a nice way to start the build towards their championship match.

Up next we had the match between MJF and Brandon Cutler. This was a pretty quick match as MJF picked up a win after using the ref as a shield and putting Cutler in a submission forcing him to tap.

It was now time for Adam Page vs PAC in one of the most anticipated matches in a long time. This was a hard hitting match that had some pretty wild moments. PAC would pickup the win after hit Page with a low blow behind the refs back and ended it with a moonsault into a submission combo forcing Page to tap.

Next it was time to crown the first AEW Women’s Champion. Nyla Rose vs Riho to determine who would have that honor. The much smaller Riho hit Nyla with anything and everything that she could. In the end she was able to score the pin fall and become the first ever AEW Women’s Champion. After the match Nyla Rose was trying to attack Riho but before she could do any damage Kenny Omega came out to save his friend and training partner.

The main event was up next as it was time for six man tag action. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks vs Chris Jericho and LAX. Soon after the action started Kenny Omega was alone in the ring and then, Jon Moxley appeared and those two brawled into the arena. Moxley would end up putting Omega through a glass table.Once we got back to the action in the ring,LAX was dominating the Bucks. The Bucks would turn the tables but In the end Jericho and LAX would prove to be too much and they would pickup the win.

We would have an all out brawl to end the show that saw Dustin Rhodes come down to help his brother Cody along with a few others. The brawl would culminate with the debut of Jake Hager!!! I don’t think anyone saw that coming as he’s been busy with Bellator MMA. But nonetheless he made an immediate impact and is another debut that will have people talking about AEW.


WWE wasted no time trying to prove they are the better brand as they started off with an incredible NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Matt Riddle. My god this match was freaking awesome. It was non stop action from the opening bell, these two laid it all on the line. They were greeted with chants of “Fight forever” and honestly I don’t think there is anyone who would say no to that. In the end after incredible action Adam Cole hit Riddle with the last shot and retained his NXT Championship.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!?? After the match Finn Balor shows up and says as of now he is NXT! Are you serious?!?! WWE is going all in on NXT and I love every second of it. Even if it is only for a one off match for Balor having him on the show is fantastic for the brand.

The second match of the night feature IO ShiraI and Mia Yim. This match was solid and both of these ladies gave it everything they had. In the end it was Shirai picking up the win.

Out next came Johnny Gargano as he went head to head with Shane Thorne. If you‘ve watched NXT before you know that Johnny Gargano never puts on a bad match.This was no different as Gargano put on a show with Throne and in the end Gargano picked up the victory.

We stayed in the Gargano family for the next match, as it was time for the NXT Women’s Championship match between Candice LeRae and Shayna Bazsler. This match was great and it really made LeRae look like she could end the reign of Bazsler. While she came close on a few occasions Shayna would lock in her signature choke hold and Candice was forced to tap out.

Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch was up next and this one was pretty one sided as Pete Dunne picked up the win.The talking point came after the match as Dunne was attacked by Damian Priest setting up what should be an entertaining feud.

The main event was next and it was for the NXT tag team Championships between Undisputed Era and the Street Profits.These two teams put on a great match once again proving they are two of the top teams in the business. It was a back and forth affair that saw each team coming within inches of getting the three count. In the end it would be the Undisputed Era retaining the titles thanks to a little interference from Rodrick Strong.



Both shows were absolutely awesome and the one true winner of the Wednesday night wars is anyone that is a wrestling fan. If tonight was any indication for what we can expect we are in for a treat each and every week. This week I have to give the edge to NXT as they had the match of the night between both shows in Cole and Riddle and then on top of that had the return of Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa. For AEW all of the matches were good but none of them were up to the level of Cole and Riddle. The debut of Jack Hager was super shocking but in comparison to Balor and Ciampa it falls a little short. Regardless I for one am looking forward to next Wednesday night to find out what else these two brands have in store.

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