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Why Philadelphia Hates The Flyers...

Anyone that knows me will be the first to tell you that I only have one true love, and that is the Philadelphia Flyers...Sorry to anyone who may have thought they were more important than the Flyers to me...Over my 24 years of life I have spent way too much money on tickets, merchandise, etc..when it comes to the Flyers and I regret absolutely nothing. I don't miss games and I practically plan my life around their schedule(Yes it's crazy I know.) But, thats the beauty of sports and rooting for a sports team, once you fall in love you're locked in for life. Just like a marriage you have your ups and downs but in the end you work it out and thats exactly how it is with the Flyers. I've gone through countless head coaches, two lockouts, and years of mediocrity. Through all of that I have stayed loyal and passionate about the Flyers because god dammit one of these years its going to be worth it. All that being said, it bothers me like no other the amount of disrespect the Flyers get in the city that is their hometown.

I am by no means saying hockey is the most popular sport but Philadelphia is a hockey town. However, if you listen to Philadelphia Sports radio(which sucks by the way) you would think Philadelphia doesn't even have a hockey team. Between 94.1 WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic, the amount of Flyers talk is bare minimum. The Fanatic airs their games and has a very short pre and post game show but ever since they let Jason Myrtetus go you rarely hear anything about the Flyers. As for WIP, they barely even speak about the boys in Orange and Black. Why is it that our own sports radio station fail to provide decent coverage on the Flyers? Here are a few reasons I have heard as to why the Flyers don’t get the love they deserve and why they are complete bullshit...

1.No true superstar

Why it's bullshit: Claude Giroux...The captain of the Flyers who also by the way happens to be the longest tenured athlete in all of Philadelphia sports. Claude Giroux has been one of the best players in the NHL throughout his entire career and has been a great leader for the Flyers organization. Since 2010 Giroux has the 4th most points out of everyone in the NHL behind only Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, and Alex Ovechkin. I'm sure you've all heard those names before. Why don't we talk about Giroux like we do about Embiid, Simmons, Wentz, or Harper? There is no reason that Giroux shouldn't be in the same category as those guys but for some reason we never hear about him and then when we do its always negative.

2. Same ole Flyers

Why it's bullshit: I could understand not wanting to talk about the Flyers during Dave Hakstols tenure because he was horrible and the team wasn't much better. That being said though, there sure was a lot of talk about the Sixers when they were tanking for like 4 years. Riddle me that, people talked more about a team that was purposely losing games to maybe be a great team later on than they were about a Flyers team that was still competing at a decent level and had a chance at the playoffs almost every year. What blows my mind is that even when the Flyers are good like this year for example, you still don't hear about them. They have been in a playoff spot for most of the season and have been having one of their best seasons in a long time. This year has been so much different than years past and its not the same mediocre Flyers team we've been having to deal with. They're a great team and you should hop on the bandwagon now.

3.Hockey is boring...

Why it's bullshit: This one may be the DUMBEST argument I have ever heard in my life. Find me another sport where there is fast paced, hard hitting action for 60 minutes. Football has so many stoppages and so does basketball. As for baseball, well I don't even need to say anything. Hockey is the most exciting sport out of all and is also one of the most unpredictable which makes it even more exciting. If you sat and watched a full hockey game and then told me you didn't find it interesting I would have to make sure you still had a pulse. There is always something to talk about during the season so there is no reason why sports radio shouldn't be able to find something about the Flyers to incorporate into some of their shows instead of every show talking about the same topics over and over.

Below is just one of the many of examples of the amount of disrespect the Flyers get from sports radio....

Not even an option to vote for on a poll...You can have more than three options on a twitter poll too so they clearly just didn't feel the need to include them. How do you not have a team that has over the past few years drafted some of the best young players even listed as an option. The Flyers have the brightest future out of all the teams and its not even close. The Eagles have a lot of issues that need to be addressed this offseason, the Phillies still need pitching to become contenders, and the Sixers who might be second behind the Flyers for the brightest future still need to start proving they are the best team in their own conference. The Flyers have young stars who are already helping the team, Sean Couturier(27), Travis Konecny(22), Ivan Provorov(23), Carter Hart(21) just to name a few. Let's not forget some of the other young guys who have stepped in this season like Morgan Frost(20), Joel Farabee(19). You also can't forget two of the brightest youngsters who have been battling injury/diseases in Nolan Patrick(21) and Oskar Lindblom(23) who once fully healthy will only make this Flyers team 100 times better. Add in some of their recently drafted prospects like Cam York, Isaac Ratcliffe, and Bobby Brink the future is extremely bright for the Flyers.

Nothing is going to change when it comes to sports radio in Philadelphia as the Flyers will always be put on the back burner. All I'm saying is start putting some respect on the Flyers name because this is a team that is going to win a Stanley Cup and if you're hating on them now I don't want you anywhere near the parade when the time comes. If you want quality Flyers coverage I will be providing as much as I can but I'm also not trying to turn this blog/podcast into a strictly Flyers thing..Also you can check out Jason Myrtetus on twitter and on his Flyers Daily podcast as he has some of the best Flyers coverage out there.


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