• Keith Walsh

Why Slay Is A Better Fit Than Jones

Howie done struck gold again! Thats right ladies and gents, Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman has traded for cornerback Darius Slay from the Detroit Lions. After missing out on the hottest free agent corner in Byron Jones, Howie went and traded for one of the best shutdown corners in the league. Even better he only gave up a 3rd and 5th round pick which is a steal in my book. After the trade was finalized he went and signed Slay to a three year extension worth about $50 million. The extension is actually more than the deal that Jones got from the Dolphins which now makes Slay the highest paid corner in the league. With the big time contract comes the big expectations of playing in one of the toughest cities. I am fully confident in Slay being able to live up to the deal and actually preferred him over Byron Jones.

Don't get me wrong Jones is a great corner and its a damn shame he played for the Cowboys or I might actually like the guy a little bit. But he isn't what the Eagles needed when it comes to cornerbacks. We needed a ballhawk, someone that every time a QB throws their way it has a chance to be picked off. Jones isn't that guy and while he is a great coverage cornerback, id rather have someone who's going to take the ball away. Darius Slay is that man and more. In his career he has 19 interceptions while Jones only has 2...Give me the guy with 19 every time. Slay also played under Jim Schwartz in his rookie season, it may have only been one season but sill its some familiarity. Plus did we really want a guy that used to play for the Cowboys? We saw how that worked with Orlando Scandrick who's to say it wouldn't have been the same thing with Jones. Either way i'm super pumped about the Darius Slay addition and now its one less position the Eagles have to address in the draft. Now lets go out and add some more weapons for my boy Carson and get ready to start planning our trip down to Tampa for the Super Bowl...GO BIRDS!!!!


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