• Keith Walsh

Red Hot Thoughts: Worst Fans During a Hockey Game

Alright everyone, welcome to another edition of #RedHotThoughts in this post we’re going to list the 5 worst type of fans at a hockey game. I’ve been to a lot of hockey games in my 24 years on earth so I feel like I’ve seen a lot of awful fans. The type of fans that just drive you crazy and you wonder if they have ever seen a hockey game before. So this list may offend you if you're one of these people. That being said like a good friend of mine once said... "And I’d just like to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody."-Conor McGregor/Keith Walsh

1. The “shoot!” people

I absolutely hate and I mean HATE these people. Your team ison a powerplay or in the offensive zone looking to score by setting up a play. Some jackass three rows over is yelling “SHOOT! SHOOT IT! SHOOT!” as soon as someone touches the puck. Don't get me wrong there are times where they do just need to shoot ill agree. But, what the hell do you think they are trying to do when they are out there? These are the best players in the world at what they do and I hate to break it to you but they know they have to shoot to score. You yelling shoot when they have nothing to shoot at or a person standing right in front of them is nothing but annoying. So if you’re one of these people yelling shoot for about 90% of the game please for the love of god stop.

2. The Know-It-All

This is another type of fan that will absolutely drive you crazy, they're sitting there talking like they know everything about all the players, coaches, and even the training staff. Here's the thing though, 99.9% of the time they have no idea what they are talking about. It's usually some guy who brought a girl he's dating for the first time or one of his buddies he's trying to impress. I really feel bad for the people that this type of fan brings to a game because they aren't getting a quality education about the sport and its a damn shame. So if you're on of these people who really doesn't follow the team like a hardcore fan and think you know more than you do, please open up Google and make sure you're giving out the right information so you don't sound like a complete idiot.

3. The one who knows none of the players

If you are going to claim to be a fan of a team and go to their games with someone please for the love of god learn how to say the players names. Now look I know some of the hockey players have hard names to pronounce and I get it. But as a die hard Flyers fan myself I don't think there has ever been a time where I haven't learned how to pronounce a players name. For christ sake we had a guy named Harry Zolnierczyk and after just a few games of listening to how it was said I learned it. It drives me crazy when I overhear people at a game trying to explain who someone is and they just complete butcher the name like "oh yea Phil Ger-ox is the captain of the Flyers." Like come on people it really isn't that hard to learn how to say someones name. So watch the games on TV hear how the announcers say it and go from there...IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

4. The wave starter

Don't be this guy, simple as that don't ever, ever, ever be the person that starts the wave. Your're going to look like an idiot standing up putting your hands up and down until some other jackasses start doing it. You're also more than likely standing up and blocking somebodies view of the game so how about you just sit back down and watch the hockey game thats going on instead of trying to start this dumb thing.

5. The question asker

This isn't just a hockey fan thing, but regardless of the sport there is nothing more annoying then someone who ask questions throughout the entire game. If you're new to the sport I get it, you're not always going to understand what's happening which is fine but there a line between asking an educated question and a dumb question. So if you're going to ask questions throughout the game please, please, please just make sure that they aren't dumb questions. Just like when you were in school, please hold your questions until the end and we can address everything all at once.

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