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WWE Elimination Chamber Recap

Sunday night in Philadelphia WWE Elimination Chamber took place and here is a quick recap of everything that went down....

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

This was a decent way to start the PPV as it was a very good wrestling match. Two of the best technically sound wrestlers going head to head and it got things off to a hot start. Bryan took some huge bumps and they really were playing up his past neck injury. Gulak controlled a lot of the match but in the end Bryan was able to lock in the Yes Lock and won the match.

Result- Daniel Bryan defeats Drew Gulak

US Championship Match: Andrade vs Humberto Carillo

We’ve seen these two go at it a lot over the last few months and I’ll give them credit their matches are exciting but to me I’ve seen enough of them. Andrade came out of the gate and took control early and maintained it for most of the match. Another solid match from these two but it’s something we’ve seen a few times already and the finish was the same too...Andrade rolls up Carrillo and grabs the tights for the win.

Result-Andrade retains via pinfall

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match:

Miz & Morrison vs New Day vs The Usos vs Lucha House Party vs Heavy Machinery vs Ziggler & Roode

We started with the New Day and the Usos going head to head before the Lucha House party joined in and the pace picked up. The LHP started hot but that faded off quickly as the New Day took control. After sitting out for a little the Usos would try and get back involved until LHP regained control and took out everyone by jumping off the top of one of the pods. As all of the teams were down Miz and Morrison would be the next entrants and took over the match for the time being. It would be a free for all as expected. As all the teams were battling in the ring Lince Dorado climbed to the top of the Chamber and did a moonsault onto a crowd in the ring taking everyone but Heavy Machinery out. Otis and Tucker would take advantage and would hit the Compactor in Dorado and eliminate the Lucha House Party. The action would continue as Otis and Tucker waited as the clock counted down for Ziggler and Roode to enter. They would battle and Tucker would do a summersault from the top of the pod onto the New Day and the Usos. Shortly after that Otis was about to spear Ziggler through the pod but instead Dolph moved and Otis went through the pod and all the way to the outside in an insane spot. Tucker would try and take out Ziggler and Roode himself on to fall short and get eliminated by Roode. After gloating from eliminating Heavy Machinery, Roode and Ziggler would get taken out by the New Day and the Usos. That would leave us with three teams left, Miz & Morrison, The New Day, and the Usos. Miz and Morrison would get taken out by the other two teams and laid in wait. The Usos and New Day battled it out and Kofi went to hit a splash from the top of the pod only to miss and Miz ran in and got the pin eliminating the New Day. It would come down to the Usos and them were they would exchange pinfalls and big moves only for it to end with Miz and Morrison scoring the pin fall win with a double pin and help from the ropes.

Result- Miz and Morrison retain Smackdown Tag Team Championships

No DQ Match: AJ Styles vs Alister Black

This match was pretty uneventful for the most part. I gotta say I was pretty disappointed and was expecting a much better match. It took a little while for this one to really get going and even when it did it wasn’t all that exciting for a no DQ match. It finally really started to pickup as black hit styles with the double knees through a table and just as he was going to go for the Black Mass the OC got involved and turned it into a 3 on 1... As Styles was setting up for the Phenomenal forearm, as I predicted in my preview the Gong hit and the Undertaker appeared. He would catch Styles and hit him with a chokeslam and then Black would hit Styles with Black Mass and picked up the victory.

Result- Alister Black wins via pinfall

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Rollins & Murphy vs Street Profits

This one was pretty predictable and I’ll be honest I was recording the podcast as this one was going on so I didn’t pay too much attention. In the end as expected Kevin Owens got invoked and distracted Rollins and Murphy enough for the Street Profits to pick up the win.

Result- The Street profits retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

Intercontinental Championship Match: Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura

Not even going to lie I was still doing the podcast so I didn’t watch anything from this I only saw the ending pinfall with Sami Zayn picking you the win. I’ll give them credit here as this was unexpected to me I didn’t see Strowman losing the title here.

Result- Sami Zayn wins via pinfall

Women’s Elimination Chamber: Askua vs Sarah Logan vs Ruby Riott vs Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler vs Natalya

Ruby Riott and Natalya would start things off in this one and they had a nice little battle for the first few minutes. The fans were getting restless though and a few chants of CM Punk broke out before Sarah Logan was released from her pod. She came out on fire delivering a huge drop kick to Natalya. These three would do battle until the next pod opened up and in cake Shayna Baszler who immediately tapped out Sarah Logan. Then she took out Ruby Riott maybe 30 seconds later. This was pretty much going exactly how I thought it would with Baszler dominating. Baszler would move onto Natalya and would force her to tap out as well. We would have a solid two minutes of Baszler just standing alone in the ring waiting for the next pod to open. Liv Morgan would be next and she was in for a rude awakening. Liv was disposed of rather quickly and again we would have Baszler in the ring by herself for a few minutes. It was down to Baszler and Askua. We finally got a little bit of back and forth instead of just Shayna dominating. It would last long though as Baszler would eventually lock in the submission on Askua and would win the match.

Result- Shayna Baszler wins

Overall this PPV wasn't horrible but wasn't great by any means. All the matches had the results we were expecting other than maybe the IC title match. Our next stop is the grand daddy of them all with Wrestlemania so hopefully things start to pick up in the next few weeks to get us excited for the biggest event of the year.

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