• Keith Walsh

WWE Should Reschedule Wrestlemania

Everything is getting postponed or canceled, literally everything. The Olympics will now take place next year, all the major sports leagues are still on hiatus or completely done for the year. Thanks a lot Corona...But there is one thing that is still going to happen next weekend and that is WWE Wrestlemania.

It was recently announced that it will now be held over two nights for the first time ever. That means the usual 6+ hour show we've been seeing over the last few years will be spread out over two days. I love this idea, after attending Wrestlemania last year in New York I can tell you from experience it is a loooonnnnngggggg day. I gotta say being there was a lot longer than watching it on TV. It also doesn't help that we got there at like noon and didn't leave until almost 1230 at night meaning it was pretty much a 12 hour day. Nonetheless that's for a different post. Them spreading it out over two days means they realized how long of a night it was and are trying to avoid that happening again. We already knew there weren't going to be fans in attendance and now we are going to have two nights of no fans. After watching some of the most recent episode of Raw, NXT, and Smackdown having no fans in attendance for pro wrestling it really strange. It's so strange that to me WWE should just completely reschedule Wrestlemania to a different date.

Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year for the WWE and hosting it without fans is a crime. It really is like the Super Bowl when it comes to wrestling and could you imagine the Super Bowl without fans? The atmosphere just wouldn't be the same, and thats exactly how Wrestlemania will feel next weekend. I understand them having their storylines and wanting to continue to have the show but it won't be the same. They should just reschedule it for a later date after all this Coronavirus stuff is over. I'd much rather them rename the event next weekend and just have the matches that were scheduled still go on just not have it labeled as Wrestlemania.

Now if they were doing it live then I think i'd be more onboard for them continuing it as planned but now that its going to be taped...ugh just not a fan. I appreciate them still putting out a weekly show as it is the only thing we still have going now. My main concern is that it will be such a lackluster show without the fans and all the emotion when something big happens. Id much rather have Wrestlemania as the first event after fans are allowed back in because then the atmosphere would be electric and it would be a much better show. Nonetheless, I'm not Vince McMahon so I have no say in any of this. So, here's to hoping the best for next weekends two night event.

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