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WWE Super Showdown Preview:

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Friday, June 7th 2019, WWE host Super Showdown live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is a controversial event that WWE host as Saudi Arabia does not allow women to compete on the show. Although, there are rumors that Natalya and Alexa Bliss may be allowed to have a match but nothing is confirmed as of this post. Nonetheless, that's a topic for a different time as the event will go on just like before.

It is extremely hard to get excited for anything WWE is doing right now other than NXT. The product sucks week in and week out. Raw and Smackdown viewership is struggling as fans have grown tired of the same dumb booking that has been going on. They had the superstar shakeup which pretty much didn't even matter so, they made up this wildcard rule which is pretty stupid as well. They've introduced a new 24/7 title which looks like crap but is a cool concept and could turn out being one of the better things they've done recently. Other than that, the WWE ship is sinking and with the rise of All Elite Wrestling(AEW) they could be in trouble. But lets jump into our preview of this Friday's special.

The Lucha House Party vs Lars Sullivan:

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This match will be a quick squash match more than likely with Sullivan winning. I am shocked that WWE is still showing Sullivan on tv after his racist comments became public. Yes, he was fined a large amount of money but still they have fired others for similar type of comments. Expect this match to last no longer than 3 minutes. This would be a good time to grab your lunch if you're watching the event live or just fast forward through it if you watch it later in the day.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley:

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This match has potential to be good but I'm not getting my hopes up. Neither one of these guys has been utilized properly and its pretty much like they've thrown them in a match together because they have nothing else for them. Braun Strowman should get the win here.

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon:

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This match is happening because during the superstar shake up Roman Reigns speared Shanes dad and the chairman of the company Vince McMahon. Shane has had the help of Elias and Drew McIntyre as they have been trying to weaken Reigns for this match up. Reigns is a great performer whether you like him or not and Shane usually puts on an exciting performance as well. I think Shane gets the win with some help from Elias and McIntyre setting up for another match between these two at a future event.

Intercontinental Championship: "The Demon" Finn Balor vs Andrade:

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These two met on Smackdown a few weeks back and it was a very exciting match. This one should be no different as I expect it to be a high flying showcase of just how talented these two wrestlers are. Finn Balor as "The Demon" has never lost and it wouldn't make sense for him to drop the title here either. Finn should pick up the win pretty quickly as well.

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler:

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Dolph Ziggler returned recently to the surprise of many as he hadn't been seen since the Royal Rumble. It has been a quick build to this match with mainly Ziggler attacking Kofi from behind and trying to injure him. This could be the match of the card with how great these two are. Ziggler has been so under appreciated his entire career. He is an incredible in ring performer and has some of the best promos. Kofi has had a nice run with the WWE Championship and it should continue after Friday. Expect some sort of finish with Dolph getting disqualified to set up a rematch between the two.

Triple H vs Randy Orton:

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This match is just an excuse to have HHH on the card just like his match with Batista at Wrestlemania was. Orton is getting towards the end of his career and seems to be headed towards a more part time role. HHH is one of the best of all time but is well past his prime and his last few matches have been lackluster to say the least. I don't see the point of this match but I expect Orton to win this one.

Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin:

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This match was sort of thrown together for this card and does not have anyone really excited for it. The only exciting thing about this is the potential money in the bank cash in by Brock Lesnar. He has been teasing a cash in ever since winning the briefcase back at Money in The Bank. Nobody wants to see Lesnar holding the title hostage again as he is still just a part time performer however, ill admit him having the briefcase has been kind of entertaining. Nonetheless, if Lesnar does cash in its almost a guarantee he walks out as Champion. If he doesn't though, Rollins should retain the title here.

Goldberg vs The Undertaker:

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About 15 years too late on this match WWE. What was once a dream match between these two is finally happening. The only problem is that The Undertaker is 54 and Goldberg is 52. Its safe to say neither of these two are in their prime. Goldberg looked good during his last run a few years back so we will see how good of shape he is in. Undertaker hasn't looked good at all in his last few matches, he's old and just isn't the same as he used to be. Hopefully for our viewing sake and for the sake of these two legends the match won't last all that long. I think Undertaker picks up the win mainly because he is a lifetime WWE guy while Goldberg started in the rival WCW company.

50 Man Battle Royal:

I have no clue what to expect from this honestly. It hasn't been talked about all that much but having this many people in one match should bring in some nice surprise entrants. We'll just have to see how it plays out on Friday afternoon.

You can catch the action live this Friday at 2pm EST on the WWE Network.

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